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            Service Solution
            Service Center
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            Service Center

            Once you invest in our machine, our responsibility starts from assembling, training on the use and maintenance and commissioning. We offer after sales service by our team of Engineers who have been trained both on the field and factory level. We have stocks of fast moving parts and avail that not in stock within a reasonable period. We have placed emphasis on customer satisfaction and such we have a proper system where all querries and responses are recorded and shortened our response time to manageable levels.

            weichai lovol diesel tricycle with modern motocarro for carguero and triporteur market

            Tel :+86-536-7909888

            Email: ftwxdkh@126.com


            Video: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfYBAxXZgLIFhRWqrfuQm1Q/videos?view_as=public